We would provide help to the people with new ideas helping them to reach their goals. Our services will come in packages offering various combinations so that the customers can choose from them depending on their budget. We can also create media tools for them so that they can market their ideas and their products. The area of our business will include consultation, reporting, article writing, website designing, case reconciliation, graphics designing, animations and advertising. Other services will be added to our arsenal as we progress.

The customers can choose from the various packages consisting of services mentioned above. Remunerations will be taken accordingly.


What's different/interesting about your Startup?

Custom Packaging Systems.
Versatile Solutions.

The customers will be able to choose from the services to make the custom packages depending on their demands. While other companies do not provide them the freedom of making their own packages WE are doing that.

We are providing various kind of services which will ensure contingency for the failure of a single individual service, which for a startup is very important as a startup is very insecure.

What is the problem you are solving?

We are tackling obstacles of solving a combination of problems at a one stop solution that a startup enthusiast is likely to encounter. Presently in Bangladesh there are no organization that may provide this privilege, that also, at a lenient cost, which the country severely needs in this age of economic development.

Tell us what your business is in one sentence.

we are creating feasible solutions for the creative minds, helping growth and development in the field of E-Commerce.