Taniv Ashraf


I prefer discussing problems rather than arguing and making my point. No excuse is my motto. Time management and following up is one of my skills. I believe analyzing problems and finding a solution are few of my strengths.
I started my professional career as a freelance website developer in 2013. Later I joined a startup to enrich my professional skills and get familiar with office culture in 2016. There I was responsible for developing and maintaining their web application which was an eCommerce. Later I switched to an early-stage startup in 2017 to learn more and enhance my skills as a part-time system analyst. I’m responsible for finishing the tasks assigned to me regularly. Also following up on the tasks which need extra time.
Tasks include – 1. Feature Analysis 2. UX Feedback 3. Detecting and Solving Bugs & Glitches 4. Improvements

I was passionate in IT sector from school life. Starting website development professionally from college life, I took this passion to the next level. Above all, I enjoy my passion than anything else.
I started Website Development Professionally in 2013 for Wedding Bangladesh and PhotographerSaidul .

I continued my passion and took it to the next level starting for foreign clients. Also started other services like SEO and Graphic Designing.

Now I’ve my own IT Firm for Startups’​ , called StartUp Helper.

We would provide help to the people with new ideas helping them to reach their goals. Our services will come in packages offering various combinations so that the customers can choose from them depending on their budget. We can also create media tools for them so that they can market their ideas and their products. The area of our business will include consultation, reporting, article writing, website designing, case reconciliation, graphics designing, animations and advertising. Other services will be added to our arsenal as we progress.

The customers can choose from the various packages consisting of services mentioned above. Remunerations will be taken accordingly.