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Taniv Ashraf

Founder/IT Head
He was passionate in IT sector from school life. Starting website development professionally from college life he took his passion to the next level. Above all, he enjoys his passion than anything else.

Suniv Ashraf

Creative Head
He started learning art when he was a kid.He used to draw until he was satisfied by his artwork.People were amazed to see his artwork and that gave him the inspiration to enter in this graphical field.In this field he gets more satisfaction than any other work.

Jawwad Hossain

Financial & Marketing Head
Born in 1995, I started my education life by going to a nursery school. As I am the only son my mom and dad was overprotective of me from the get go. After class 8 I took interest in computer and science but my path took a different turn after HSC examination. After completing my college from Notre Dame College, I started my journey as a business student in IBA, DU in 2016. Since enrollment I took some courses regarding business and worked with some business people connected with IBA. My general interest is in writing and watching. In my leisure time I either watch movies documentary or TV series or I read books. Currently I’m working towards some more courses and getting ready for a career that awaits me…

Suprio Kamal

Data Analyst
If he starts learning something, he makes sure that he is a specialist in it, at the end of the day. He has the capability to study everything thoroughly which helps him to succeed in any department.

Safayatul Islam

Chief Strategist
He always tries to solve new problems but in such a way that makes sure that the solution is profitable both for him and his company. Though he is the chief strategist in this endeavor, he will try to help all departments indeed.