Women Empowerment


It is unfortunate that in our society , most of the women are treated like an object . Moreover making things worse they are okay with it but they could have protested against it .


The Problem:

We are trying to solve the unemployment problem targeting the women of our society initially. This is the mother problem of various other problems such as. Regardless to say we are trying to do so targeting the women in our country. As about 8 Crore people of our population are  woman. If we can make them join the workforce providing them important skills we will be able to solve this socio-economic problems to a great extend. This program will help woman to earn their self independence and self respect.
We can also help woman who fell victim to acid throwing, rape, sexual abuse, prostitution etc. We can rehabilitate them through this program. So that they can start a new life. So, that women can save themselves from getting involved in any social problem. 47% women of 7 crore of the whole population of the women  are illiterate. Which means half of them don’t have the skills to join workforce.


Our Product Is Compelling:

Our plan which focuses on women’s active participation in job sector provides various services which can play the role of an eye candy for our targeted people the points are highlighted bellow:

1. Scholarships and low tuition fees:
These will be provided keeping in mind not only their merit but also considering their expertise in their    respective fields.

  1. Assured jobs: After helping them getting their required skills we will help them getting a stable job both in our institute and our call centre. And we will take them to a point where they can earn their own living through freelancing.3. Market Place: We will connect them with our clients in one platform which will help the flow of work to never stop.

    4. Discount and further training: We will provide discount in all future courses. We will also provide all the necessary skills and guideline to do great in the job market.
    This is not only solving the problem effectively but also benefitting our primary beneficiary.
    Reason Behind This Service:
    We know that necessity is the mother of innovation but sometimes we overlook the fact that innovation is the father of business.

    As, there is a noticeable scarcity of women’s participation in job market. A business can be successfully planted which will not only provide jobs to the needy but also will solve a major socio-economic problem.

    therefore, we are creating this service and we are sure about getting our customer’s attention.

    We Are Providing And Solving :

    We are providing underprivileged woman with required skills to enable them to thrive in the ever challenging freelancing market. We are going to pave the way of their journey towards success.

    How that’s going to solve the problem? Is given bellow:
    i. This program enables woman to join workforce which helps countries GDP to grow dramatically.
    ii. Whole Bangladesh will eventually become a macro factory. They will work together as if they are working under a farm from their own house.
    iii. This will help to startup new businesses which will help to build a stronger economy.
    iv. In future we have the possibility to dominate in the software industry.
    v. We will be able to export skillful workforce.
    vi. We will provide 24/7 it solutions through call center of ours.
    All these will help our customer to transform themselves into a skillful worker. Therefore, our target will be achived.

    Unfortunately, we can’t think of any primary competitor at this moment.


Scarcity of popularity, donation ,participation, Principal. Risk of social acceptance.



Key features:

> Training for under privileged woman.
>Promising career in training for this institute.

>24/7 IT help.
>Chance to work in our market place.
>Almost guaranteed living for the topers.
>Discount on courses.
>Further training.
>Chance to work in the call center.
>Education portal regarding IT solutions.
these will help our customers to overcome our problem.

This Service Benefits Our Customers:

This service benefits our consumers in various ways:
1.the initial training to acquire them skills from the professionals enabling them to not only earn a living but also allows them to get a job in this very institute in various posts.
2. Women in root level can also get training, job and finance from the same place. So they can earn their living just staying in front of their computer at their home.

  1. They will be able to connect with the clients all around the world which will focus on their getting jobs.


Plan to finance our project:


Initially, we plan to boost our project with the donation money from various organizations. Later on we plan to use the money that we will get from the marketplace and the call center.

Why we are participating:

Throughout our student life we always came up with various different ideas which could change people’s lives to a great extend. Unfortunately, back then we did not have a platform like this where we could share our ideas.



There are various women all around Bangladesh has the potential and eagerness to join the workforce but unfortunately they can’t. As they don’t have the perfect guideline, resources, skills they can’t work in their desirable field. Anyone who is keen to learn and gather practical knowledge can come to us and get their desirable skills.
They have the wings, we will just help them to learn flying.

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