Smart Education System

Smart Education System

This is a website of smart education system. These days students face a lot of common problems. We can solve these problems with the help of teachers and students of the whole world. It is very user friendly.  Very well designed navigation. It is also responsive so that every student browse it with their smart phones.



  1. Missing Classes :

Some students may choose not to go to class if attendance doesn’t “count,” while others are overcommitted in campus. Many students miss one class in order to catch up on another. Sometimes it happens because of homesickness or lack of holidays.


2.Proper Guide Lines :

There are so many external stimuli these days that it’s little wonder that many students feel distracted. Social media, friends, phone, television, video games and outings all have a part to play in wreaking havoc on students’ ability to focus on studying.

  1. Selection of books :

There are a lot of sources of books on internet and libraries. Thus it’s very easy to be confused choosing proper book for courses or subjects.

6.Instantly solving a problem :

Every student can’t solve a problem instantly.  Especially when the exam is near and they need proper help within a short time.

7.Online Tutorials/lectures :

It is the same problem as selecting a book. When we have a lot of options then it is very difficult to choose one or two.



We have came up with some solutions for these problems.

  1. Ratings :

Every student can give ratings to every useful content . So that others won’t be distracted watching so many options.

  1. Tutorials/Class recording :

There will be recordings of every classes. For each topic and course any teacher can upload their tutorials.

  1. Uploading books/hand notes :

We will be uploading some pdf formats of books. Student can also upload their own hand-notes.

  1. Live Chat :

We have came up with a solution of instant problems . It can solve small-hard-problems within a short time.

  1. Forum :

Students can get help or suggestions for their projects by posting it in the forum.

6.Request Sections :

There will be a request section where student can ask for a tutorial , books or any kind of help.

  1. Following & Notifications :

Students can follow their favorite teachers and get their every activity notifications.

  1. Blog :

Some students are passionate about writing. This blog section can be usefull for them.


  1. Motivational Speeches :

Their will be some recording of motivational speeches. Teachers and students can also upload their own clips.

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