Kothai JanJot (Where Is Traffic Jam)

Kothai Janjot ? Bhobisshot Dekhun



I need to go Dhanmondi 27 from Dhanmondi 15. This is an emergency; I have 10 minutes. So I have hired a rickshaw. But I just stuck in traffic jam. So I’m already late five minutes. After going 2 yards, I discovered there are a road accident and sudden strike on my way. Now I’m 15 minutes late. Then I took another route to reach my destination. To complete my mission, it took almost 45 minutes.


User with our app.

I will open the app to check the traffic situation. I will be notified that on my way there are two incidents which are an accident and a sudden strike. So this app suggested me an alternate way to reach my destination. I took that and completed my mission in 10 minutes.


Special Features



Using Traffic Sergeants

We will train traffic sergeants so that they can input traffic status in every ten minutes and update the users. From this data, we will calculate better routes for users. From that data, we will be able to make a statistics of the traffic jam of Dhaka City. We can use that for our further progress. As traffic sergeants’ position is constant and we can quickly generate data from that.


Assuming the future traffic situations from GPS

We will use the GPS and user inputs to find out after 10 minutes how many people are going or planning to take an exact route. We will calculate this info from our active users and tell other users whether that place will have traffic jam in next 10 minutes or not. If yes then how much?


Surveying from Students and Service Holders

Students and service holders can answer few questions to help the community for traffic situation. They will input their regular routes like university, college, school, coaching and others. They will also upload their routine and their timetable like probable departure time and arriving time. From this data, we can calculate a regular idea about their routes situations of traffic.





Taking Inputs from Users

We will encourage users to post or input the current situations of an exact place; we will verify the data and update them on our map. By using this data, we will notify other users that if there is any traffic jam or not. Then they will decide whether to take that route or not. And thus we will be able to suggest better and alternate routes to users.


Getting notified about present situation of an exact place

We will inform users from live inputs from passengers with the active installation of this app also verified from operator whether that location has any occurrence or not? Like an accident, sudden strike.


Helping Users to Take Decision

By using the input from users who are traveling or stuck in traffic jam, we will color the roads with high traffic and roads with little traffic. This will also help users to decide whether they should opt to go out or not. The App will also suggest users alternate way.


CCTV Camera

We can also utilize vital information from CCTV live footage to update the map about traffic live situations.




Suggesting Alternative/ Better Routes to users

Most importantly we can divide traffic by suggesting them different routes to reach a specific destination.


Special Alternate Routes

We will verify the ambulance drivers from authority with NID and Driving license to suggest them a secret special route to move faster with or for the patient.







How will the app provide dynamic traffic data?

If a specific amount of users are using our suggested alternate route rather than the actual route we will suggest others to avoid that alternate route and to take the actual one or another alternate which is freer of traffic. We can also be notified from their GPS also.


Other Features

Providing Transportation Information

All buses will have sensors that will show where that bus is right then, and how much capacity is left on that bus.

Utilizing the emergency situations

The app will provide information to hospitals, police control rooms so that that police can take over any crisis moment likefire, accidents, sudden strikes, Construction, Road blocks after 12 AM,VIP entry .

Creating a Community

We can notify other active users about any emergency like fire, accident, strike, Construction, Road blocks after 12 AM,VIP entry  etc.

Friendly for Color Blinds

Our design of application is 80% friendly for color blinds. As we have tried to avoid the color which causes major problem from them.





We can’t solve this problem, but we can lower the problem.











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