Proper Guide to Sell Your Idea or Product to Investors Via Presentation

Proper Guide to Sell Your Idea or Product to Investors Via Presentation

  1. Intro

Say about your team, yourself. Keep it short. (nobody cares about this part so don’t bother that much.

  1. System Analysis

Talk about the system where the problem lies in. Like if it is a problem based on traffic then speak of the traffic system. This should be the 10% of your answer script.

  1. Address the problem

Talk about the core problem and its symptom. Don’t mix them up. The problem should be specific, and the symptoms should be practical and connectable to real life. This part is important. Also, fix the part of the problem you are trying to solve. If it is a whole problem, then mention it.

  1. Solve

The solve. The justification. The idea.

The core.

  1. Threats and obstacles.

Mention the problems with your given solutions. Don’t be like no my solution is invincible and ill not mention problems cause if I don the judges will think my solution is bad. Cause remember if the judges find out the problems with your solutions then your solution becomes weak. But if you find them out then your idea becomes stronger. But after you find out the challenges or the problems to your solution, try to give justifiable solve to them also. If there aren’t any. Mention it.


-Don’t be elusive. Be clear. Be direct.

-Include calculation (if any) (if you know you can make them correct)

-Mention close examples (if any)

-Question yourself, answer yourself. Don’t know the answer? Then don’t question it.

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