eBay declare to launch VR shopping attempt with Myer

Online shopping is one of the trending technologies in recent days. As with most online is the state of being active, there are clear-cut tradeoffs in the online shopping between the comforts, cost savings activity, choice, and the most important thing is privacy. Before you agree whether or not online shopping is good or bad for you, it is essential to consider the advantage and disadvantage of entering into the world of online shopping.

Online safety:

The Internet is a great capital and it can be an effective tool for finding the data, shopping and communicating with the traders. But, just like everything else in the life and therefore you want to be careful while using the online shopping sites or application. There are some criminal people are there who will try to take your information from the online site, but if you take the correct precautions, identity criminal will be unlikely to happen to you on the online shopping site.

The eBay online site:

The most well-known sell-off site on the Internet, therefore eBay grants you to offer on anything from children toys to cars. The eBay online shopping site now also offers a Buy-It-Now new characteristic, preparing it much more like a classical retail site. The eBay online site was the first site which uses the PayPal as a means of the different mode of payment during shopping and therefore this will help to a people who use the online shopping.

Everyone know that the most famous online sell-off site is the eBay online site, though there are multiple other online sites which offer same services like the eBay site and therefore which includes the QuiBids, uBid, and eBid sites. These sites all offer the services that are similar to a silent sell-off which means that usually by choice of offers are comply via the site for a clear-cut item and the item goes to the highest competitor.

About Myer:

Myer is said to be stylized MYER and therefore is an upmarket Australian department store which series in the trading in all Australian states and one of two self-governing territories of Australia. Myer retails a wide range of products for all people which including for men, women, children and also the electronic items for the home appliances and also the cosmetics, fragrance are also available. Not only the above mentioned items and the furniture, stationary, food and candy items are available in the site and user can buy any kind of things at from the home.

Introduction to Virtual Reality technology:

Virtual Reality which is shortly called as VR technology and therefore it is one of the kinds of new technology which uses of computer technology were to create an assumed environment. Unlike the classical user interfaces, VR places the people who use the technology and this gives inside an experience. Alternatively, the looking at a screen in front of them, users are deeply involved with and capable of interacting with 3D technology worlds. By pretending as many senses as possible and therefore such as vision, hearing, touch sense, even the smell, the computer is converted into a gatekeeper to this unreal world. The only borders to the near-real Virtual Reality experiences are the requirement of the content and inexpensive computing power.

Virtual Reality technology:

The most immediately-recognizable fundamental component of the Virtual Reality is the head-fixed on the display which is shortly called as HMD. Human beings are visual creatures which we can see anything, and display technology is often the sole biggest variation between the enveloping the Virtual Reality systems and classical user interfaces. For in case, CAVE is an automatic virtual environment actively displays where the virtual content onto having the room-sized big screens. While they are fun for the user in the universities and big labs, people and the industrial and we can wear this technology and therefore they are the Wild West.

eBay announcement about virtual reality:

The virtual reality (VR) Journal proved in the starting day of the week and that the eBay is taking virtual reality technology to the next level for shoppers in the city of Australia.

Therefore the eBay and the Myer, the Australian marketplace, are the joining forces to introduce the new technology, what they are billing as the basic virtual reality department store in the world.

By the way the new virtual reality (VR) department store, the purchaser can look around more than 13,000 Myer products in the online site, which can be chosen and add to their cart through the eBay online Site Search. The virtual reality (VR) department store which combined to the current eBay.com.au application and therefore the programming interface which allows the product range of the Myer, pricing and the stock information data to be updated in the real-time service.

The two are contribution the user to get the chance and to get their own self so therefore it called as shopticals, or particularly designed for the virtual reality (VR) viewers, to start their VR shopping in the online sites. The firms said there are 14,900 shopticals are available free on the site.

Therefore the people in the Australia can download the eBay VR Department Store application on their mobile phone and embed their phone into the shopticals with the application and therefore open to begin their virtual shopping experience through the phone.

The CEO and senior director of retail innovation for eBay, Steve Brennen, said that they are making the new technology which is available to all the Australians with our giveaway of 14,900 shopticals. Their awareness and the feedback will be priceless to the people and they said as they look to the future vision of the Virtual Reality and create out the experiences that take sell to the next level for the company and therefore this was said in the press release.

With the new technology department store, users will be able to choose their areas of interest at the first stage, and the store will be custom-make over their required. Using the eBay online Site Search, the buyers will be able to see the product which is available in the store, and by holding their stare at on it, the product which is selected by the user will automatically drift toward them. Therefore the important thing is that the top 100 products can be seen in 3D format, although more than 8,000 products can be seen in 2D format. To get the data about the product available in the store, the people who use this site will only have to close eyes on the information data icons and to buy something on the site, all they have to do is just to hold their eyes on the Add to Basket icon on the screen. Buyers can even be finished with the shopticals.

So how does it work?

The Virtual Reality (VR) Store link to the eBay.com.au and lets the buyers choose their areas of interest in the required area, before creating the store around the users.

It then grants the buyers to check the site and the most suited products first while catching product bias, pricing and the stock information data in the real time, which assure you are up to date with the new offers from the Myer site.


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